Perks for E-cigar smokers - Separate vaping rooms and a longer break time in office

Public health England demands offices not to mix vaper's and traditional smokers together. They also asked all employers to provide rooms for vaper's so that they don't go outside with the traditional smokers.

Smoking outdoors make employee's chance of quit smoking very less, the government health body said. Also it's said that staff members who vape should be given a longer break time than the others.

Out of 2.8 million E-cigar users in London half the number seems to be a non smoker by this time, report says.

In a report from PHE it is said that normal cigarettes are harmful than E-cigars because of its high level of nicotine content and other chemical substances.

In PHE's employers guide it is said that E-cigars have less blood nicotine level and it takes time to reach a desired level. So they wanted workplaces to keep this mind and frame rules.

A public charity ASH in London says that smoking is the major cause of preventable disease but half the people of UK lose a 10 years span of their life due to smoking. There are around 8 million conventional smokers in UK alone.

With all these it is evident that E-cigars are less dangerous than the traditional one's and workplaces should consider these while framing their policies on E-cigars. Approaches may differ from place to place but it should distinguish vapers from smokers.

Vape Hut, a UK Ecig reviewer said that: "An E-cigar reviewer said that vaper's should be treated in a different way than the normal smokers. Appropriate help and support should be provided by the employers to their E-cigar employees."

A leading cancer research in uk agrees with the PHE's guidelines. Since E-cigars are quite new in the market many people don't understand how to deal them said George butterworth , tobacco policy manager at cancer research Uk.

Reason for the launch of new range of E-cigar products in US

All of a sudden the E-cigar market is crowded since the users begin to grow day by day. Ahead of the new federal regulation many vaping manufacturers launched a series of new products in US because they need to submit E-cigarettes to government before marketing them.

The US food and drug administration will allow E-cigar devices to be introduced before this federal regulation comes into place for a span of 3 years while they wait for their approval.

The regulation also imposed a restriction not to sell E-cigarettes for anyone under the age 18. However the industry has asked to delay these rules via lawsuits and proposed legislations in US congress. In the meantime small players released a series of products in the three month time while the regulation’s effective date is to be announced. Not all products are available to the consumers since the manufactures try to beat the regulatory deadline by making their products limited. There are bunch of new products released in the market because of the new regulation says a major E-cigar forum.

The new products are just refreshing with nicotine flavors and capsules that can be inserted into the device. This is the first time that the FDA is imposing rules on E-cigars, pipe tobaccos and more cigar types. The Government require manufacturers to submit their product before marketing with health warnings on packs along with the ingredients.

The healthcare community remains parted over the use of devices some find it is less harmful than normal tobacco cigarettes and others sees it that younger generation will be addicted to E-Cigars despite quitting smoking.

The FDA regulations are about to shut shops those who can’t undergo their new regulation process. This may in favor of big companies like Reynolds and Altria who have experience in navigating the regulatory agencies. Leading France E-liquid manufacturer who started their business recently in US said that their revenue doubled up to $55 million. Overall the consumers are going to be immersed in a lot of products. Mistic E-cig have planned to launch a product named Mistic 2.0 POD MOD which has prefilled liquid.